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Meet our Partner Cherif Medawar and see how he has made millions with real estate and how you can too!

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What We Do

We group investors together and raise capital to invest in real estate projects through joint ventures mainly in our other existing fund and projects.

Fund Manager, Cherif Medawar, has been involved in both residential and commercial transactions for many years and his expertise is in residential rehabs and sales, as well as, commercial repositioning and adding value.

What’s In It for You?

If you are an accredited investor you can invest as little as $25,000 USD and become a creditor to the fund with a fixed return of 6% or invest more money and get to 8% return.

As a creditor, you have no hassles, fixed income paid semi-annually, and you can cash out your principal with a notice to the fund manager within any 12 months period.

What You Should Do About It

If you are an accredited investor, Click on “Get Started” below and fill out the pre-qualification questionnaire to access our Private Placement Memorandum (PPM), and review the risks and rewards of the offering.

Then contact our team to assist you in answering any questions one-on-one, to discuss the details of our offering and to find out if you qualify as an accredited investor.

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